E.G. Electric
Your Neighborhood Electrician.
EG is a local electrician company that I was asked to branded/rebranded. They have been around since 1983. I found that they have a strong loyal customer base and they didn't want something to flashy or over the top. 

I went with a heavy slab serif font and bold colors that had a fresh, but almost retro feel without being dated. They needed some type of tag so i gave them one lucky they liked it. The name needed to stand on its own without a symbol or icon. I did design some icons for EG that can be used throughout there branding and advertising. 

We just got the business cards back from the printer I still need to take a better picture of them, but they look great. They're have a flat sheen with a UV varnish on the icon, logo and name. 

We are in the process of getting folders, t-shirts, car wraps, post cards and lawn signs made.

You will see use of a QR code in some of the touch points  this will allow people to scan it and get EG's contact information with out having to type it all into there phone.

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